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  • Short Sales Overview

    Far too often, in this market, there comes a time when the balance on your mortgage far exceeds the value of your property. Combine that with a financial hardship, and it may be time to consider a short sale. 

  • Short Sale Process in Florida Has Many Hurdles

    To get your lender to approve your short sale, there are a number of documents that your lender is going to want to see from you. It's not enough that you've missed payments,

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    Being able to close quickly and keeping your clients informed and happy are some of the most important things when negotiating short sales. We have a full time department that exclusively works on short sales.


Notice of Homestead

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If you have a judgment against you and you’re looking to sell or refinance your home how do you protect your proceeds once you sell the home? 

There is a process called Notice of Homestead, that allows you to give notice to your creditors that you intend to sell the property, or refinance it, and you are claiming any equity is exempt from their claims. If the creditor does not initiate a lawsuit within 45 days of receiving notice, then you can transfer the property free and clear of any lien.

The notices must be sent by the Clerk of the Court. This process is often necessary and required by the title company if there is a judgment against you and you are attempting to sell or refinance your homestead.

Contact our office to discuss how we can assist you with this process.


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