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Is a Real Estate Attorney Necessary when Buying a Home in Florida?

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Purchasing a home is likely one of the biggest financial transactions you will make in your lifetime. Having an attorney

represent you can be a wise decision to make sure that your best interest are being taken care of.

Ideally an Attorney should review your contract before it is even signed, or if you find yourself on a Saturday afternoon under pressure to sign a contract, considering handwriting in "Subject to Approval by Attorney within 3 business days".

However, if you've already signed a contract you can still benefit from Attorney representation. While you should be getting title insurance from either a title company or a law firm, there can still be many things that could affect your interest in the property. Unrecorded city and county liens, open permits, boundary line encroachments, are just a few things that could still allow you to have "marketable title", but cause you problems down the road.

Even if you are buying in a County, Like Palm Beach, where the Seller generally chooses the title company or law firm,handling the closing, you should still consider hiring an Attorney to look out for your interests specifically. Most times this will prevent the Seller's closing agent from charging you a closing fee, which effectively makes the cost of your hiring an Attorney a minimal, if any, additional cost.

An Attorney will also review your loan documents and closing statement to make sure they are in compliance with the law and with your contract.